Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Center


The Provincial seat of Prachuap Khiri Khan, or Muang District อำเภอเมืองประจวบคึรีขัน is the  provincial government administration center, and thus where many provincial government offices are located.

The area itself is in the heart of what is Thailand’s narrowest stretch between a coastline and an international border, the narrowest stretch being only 12 kilomters from the Gulf of Thailand coastline to the Myanmar border. This stretch is located in the Klong Wan sub district of Prachuap Khiri Khan muang district, just outside of the center.

The entire muang district parameter spans an area of 844 square kilometers and is home to 83,290 residents.

Economic activity gravitates around the central Municipality.


Officially announced as a municipality and provincial center in 1935 during the reign of King Rama VIII, Muang Prachuap Khiri Khan Municipality initially covered an area of less than five square kilometers.In 1967, during the reign of King Rama IX, the municipality officially annexed neighboring lands, expanding to its current 14 square kilometers.

Population & Area

Today, this provincial center is home to 18,507 residents living within the central municipality boundaries, with an additional 64,783 residents living in five surrounding sub-districts next to or near one of three iconic bays or coves on strategic point on the Gulf of Thailand.

These three iconomic bays of Muang District are Ao Prachuap อ่าวประจวบ Ao Manao อ่าวมะนาว and Ao Noi อ่าวน้อย and are where the quiet costal community derives its Thai nickname Muang Saam Ao เมืองสามอ่าว,, which literally means the Triple-Bay, or Tri-Cove Town.

Though Prachuap Khiri Khan Municipality by itself is still technically classified as a town in accordance with Thai administration governance , with about 18,507 residents registered living in its boundaries, when this provincial center is considered as part of the greater muang district, with Prachuap municipality including the five satellite sub districts, we get the Tri Cove City, a charming coastal community rapidly approaching 100,000 people.

In Sum, the Tri Cove City’s 91,300 residents live in:

  • Muang PKK Municipality เทศบาลเมืองประจวบคีรีขัน 18,507
  • Tambon Ao Noi ตำบลอ่าวน้อย, 21,651
  • Tambon Koh Lak ตำบลเกาะหลัก 15,092
  • Tambon Klong Wan ตำบลคลองวาฬ 10,538
  • Tambon Klong Wan Municipality, เทศบาลตำบลคลองวาฬ 4,471
  • Tambon Huai Sai ตำบลห้วยทราย 9,934
  • Tambon Bor Nok ตำบลบ่อนอก 7,568
  • Tambon KorฺBor 5 Municipality เทศบาลกบ.5, 3,600*

The center of town consists of a grid of about 5-6 main north-south thoroughfares, running paralell with the Asia highway and southern Thailand railway line. To the south is a an air force base based around the scenic Manao Bay. To the north is Noi Bay. These are intersected by several? east-west roads connecting the the Asia highway. with Prachuap Bay.

Aquarium, Promenade, Khao Sam Krachok

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